Who Is Kris Warren?

With a passion for music and vision for social change, music artist Kris Warren set out on a mission to utilize his platform to shed positive light on his industry and the powerful influence of music. Warren's journey began with his own musical endeavors, which include the founding of the Galaxy Media Group and Kris Warren Productions. Under these entities, Warren has produced several hits, including his single, "Music Is My Therapy," which peaked at No. 5 on the college radio music charts in 2013. Warren's music videos have also gained significant notoriety, accumulating over 730,000 views on YouTube alone, and have been featured on some of America's hottest entertainment blogs, including Allhiphop.com, Vlad TV, iStandard Producers, WSHH and ThisIs50.com, the personal website of hip hop mogul 50 Cent. In 2009, Warren performed in front of thousands in his hometown of Chicago at an event hosted by Rebecca Ortiz of the popular local radio station B96. He has also been featured as a judge on The Midwest Best, a regional talent showcase. Warren hit the road in 2011 for his own music tour through Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota. The tour proved to be a huge success as the rising hip hop artist managed to expand his fan base along the way. Warren's music can be found on Spotify, iTunes and other music platforms.

In producing his own music, Warren stumbled upon his next venture, a documentary project intended to promote the positive impact of music. While writing "Music Is My Therapy," the Chicago native discovered that music is indeed a legitimate and proven form of therapy. Upon further research, Warren learned that it is a rising health treatment option within the medical industry and has helped many recover from depression, mental illnesses, physical ailments, genetic disorders, serious injuries and other health issues, in addition to improving people's overall quality of life. At that point, Warren embarked on a journey to document his research on music therapy and its impact on the medical community, determined to share and educate others who may not be aware of this rare, yet powerful form of treatment. Warren has already filmed in 14 different states and three countries, interviewing healthcare professionals, doctors, music therapists, patients, dancers and musicians across the globe. For more information on the documentary, visit www.musictherapydocumentary.com.

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How it started

Many people may not be aware that music therapy is an actual health treatment option. It wasn't until August 2013 that Chicago-native Kris Warren discovered the impact of music therapy, himself. As an independent music artist, Warren initially wrote a song referring to music as his personal form of therapy.


Kris Warren was unaware that many health professionals utilize music as a tool to help their patients. Upon further research, Warren decided to embark on a journey around the world documenting live sessions and stories on the therapeutic uses of music.

Kris Warren

“More people should know at an earlier age that Music Therapy is a health treatment option. Our main goal is raising awareness about the therapeutic uses of music. “

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